WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER FOSTERING A MHDR DACHSHUND? Fosters are the bridge between rescue and adoption. All MHDR fosters are volunteers but not all volunteers are fosters. Fostering is only one of the choices available to our volunteers.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A FOSTER FOR MHDR? Some of the most common questions about fostering are:

What supplies are needed to foster? Foster parents provide space, sometimes basic training, exercise, socialization, and love for the dog. MHDR provides food, any necessary medicines and medical treatment, and other supplies and equipment such as a crate, leash and harness, toys, and treats needed throughout your foster experience.

Do I have to crate-train my foster dog? This is one of the most efficient and effective ways to house train a puppy or retrain an adult dog. Some dogs do not like crates, and most dogs need to be transitioned or “trained” to use a crate. MHDR highly recommends that a dog be crate trained as this will increase the animal’s value in the eyes of many prospective adopters and can make your foster experience a much more pleasant one. Putting the dog in a crate while you are gone will give you peace of mind knowing that it is in a safe place, away from harm, and not doing any damage to your belongings or itself. For many dogs, a crate can also represent a safe and comfortable place to call their own and will provide them with a sense of security. Dogs actually like having a “den” to cuddle up in. Crating should NEVER be used as punishment. Many fosters have found that having a small treat inside the crate any time the dog is asked to enter it will greatly enhance his or her sense that the crate is a place of security and, even more important to a Dachshund, a source of treats.

What happens if the foster dog simply does not fit my family's lifestyle? No problem. Simply contact the Foster Coordinator and explain the issue. Complete candor will allow him or her to fine tune the search for the best foster to fit your family.

If I have my own animals, can I foster MHDR dogs?  Yes, you can. In fact, having resident dogs in the household will often help a foster dog adjust and learn. Keep in mind that it’s always a health risk to expose your companion animal to other animals whether it’s walking at parks, vet waiting rooms or other common animal areas. The health risk is minimal because as part of the intake procedure, all our newly rescued Dachshunds receive an exam by our vet and get any needed vaccinations at that time. If your animals are current on their vaccinations, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and are not elderly or very young the risks are minimal. When fostering, you should talk to your dog’s vet about the Bordetella vaccine. This vaccine protects against kennel cough, which is very contagious and often described as a "doggy cold".

Can I adopt my foster dog?  Yes, you can. However, please consider this step carefully. We do not allow a "foster to adopt" procedure. Our foster caregivers are special people who bond with a foster dog, often turn a shy dog into a confident, happy animal, and then with a great sense of fulfillment (and often a tear in an eye) send that dog off to live out its life in a loving forever home. The problem here is that fosters always seem to be in short supply. If a caregiver were to adopt their foster dog and leave the foster program, that could mean there is one less needy dog that MHDR can help. There is another important point to consider. There is usually a long line of potential adopters who have had their applications approved and are just waiting to find their special new family member. Should that be the case with your foster dog, the approved adopter will be disappointed if you adopt "their" dog and likewise you will be disappointed if someone else adopts "your" foster. Please understand it is almost guaranteed you will fall in love with your first foster. The sense of accomplishment you will feel bringing out the personality of the foster dog is undeniable. All we ask is that should you decide you can't give up the foster dog, let the Foster Coordinator know as soon as possible.

To request both a volunteer and a foster application or get more information, use the Contact Us form shown at left.

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